About Oreka

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Our Purpose

We believe in the power of insects to sustainably transform agriculture – and in turn – our lives.

We have just scratched the surface of what these incredible invertebrates can contribute to the world. Just 30 years ago, people would have scoffed at the idea of honeybees supporting agriculture, yet today nearly 25% of all crops in the US are pollinated by bees.

We treat the insects we breed and farm with respect and care – creating the optimal conditions for them to do grow.

Our purpose is to harness all that these insects can offer – starting with transforming aquaculture.

Our Mission

Oreka is an Ag-Tech Insect Company creating Immune-health
advantage for more productive Aquaculture.

This is our focus, it is at the
centre of everything we do.

Our History

Our founder, Jon Duschinsky, while on a speaking engagement, uncovered the wonders of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF). He quickly realized that this small insect contained incredible powers. It had remarkable potential to support the environment, agriculture and human health. We formed a team of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers in 2014 and embarked on a journey to learn more about the Black Soldier Fly. We quickly realized that it was not only a natural alternative to feed livestock and treat the soil, it could also make a significant impact on a farmer’s pocketbook.

Since 2014, Oreka Solutions has learned to maximize the inherent value of the Black Soldier Fly and harness its power for more productive agriculture. The processes we use for breeding, feeding, growing, harvesting and processing our insects create a differentiated product. To this, we then add a blend of naturally occurring bio-stimulants that create our proprietary formula.
Our first product to market is ImmarisTM targeted at the Aquaculture market with more to come.
We have harnessed the power of the Black Soldier Fly and are ready to change the world.

Our Team

Leadership Team


Jon Duschinsky

Chief Executive Officer
Is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and behavior change expert. He has worked with Fortune 50 firms, shared stages with global leaders and helped create solutions that have changed the game on issues as diverse as ALS and childhood obesity.

Robert Walberg

Chief Science Officer

Pioneered the sector of healthy oils (flax, coconut and hemp) and acquired a deep knowledge of how to manage and preserve micronutrients and create radical new products and industrial processes.


Shahram Heidari

Has built a career out of building things: infrastructures, industrial among others. He has been involved in engineering and project development for the past three decades.

Frank Dion

Head of Sales
Led global sales teams in several industries, founded and IPO’d his own firm and developed the “Get More Sales” methodology. Frank is the closest thing Canada has to a business development guru.

Murray Wu

Interim CFO
Serial entrepreneur in hardware and software with deep finance and risk management background. Manager of leading Canadian VC fund, investor in Oreka.

San Eng

Board Member
San has deep experience in raising and deploying capital. He founded, led & exited companies in Asia and North America, has raised over $50m for his own ventures and recently ran a nine figure Chinese-based VC fund. San is an investor in, and Board member of Oreka.

The Get Stuff Done Team

John Alexander

General Manager

Robert Kinch

Marketing & Sales Executive

He has over 30 years of experience leading sales & marketing teams with proven results.  He has built international channels, negotiated strategic partnerships and led every team to over 100% quota achievement. 

Bridget White

Head of Research
Her career in entomology and sustainable farming has focused on Black Soldier Fly and today she applies her broad scientific knowledge of the insect to ensure the quality and productivity of Oreka’s production process.

Don Surgeoner

Soil Sales Executive
Originally trained in environmental biology, over the course of his 30+ year career Don has become one of Canada’s leading experts in soils, fertilisers and soil amendments.

Amber Thelen

Agricultural Product Development and Quality Control Manager

Carly Demers


Matthew Robinson

Feedstock Supervisor

Gregory O’Krafka

Feedstock Technician

Amit Sidhu

Grow-out Technician

Rohan Sharma

Grow-out Technician

Kate Villata

Process & Finished Goods Technician


John Matthesen: has led several companies from zero to IPO and now teaches at the University of Berkeley.

Richard Ramirez: has been advising billionaire entrepreneurs and pioneering innovative and complex projects for over 25 years.

Jerry Bartelse: founder of Grober Group and one of Canada’s most successful agricultural entrepreneurs

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