Fitting insect production into current regulations a challenge

Canadian and EU companies call for fewer limits on feedstuffs Insect-rearing innovators in Canada are ahead of the United States and the European Union when it comes to approvals for use in animal feed products. However, that hasn’t translated into a broad opening up of new markets. In all three jurisdictions, more work is needed […]

Immaris – Shows promise as Immune Boosting Feed Additive

Cambridge, Ontario, November 24th, 2020 – Oreka Solutions and the University of Idaho announced today ground-breaking research showing that Oreka’s insect-based feed ingredient Immaris could help trout and salmon generate an enhanced immunostimulatory response during infections such as Cold Water Disease (CWD). Cold Water Disease (CWD) is one of the major diseases affecting trout and […]

The health-promoting potential of the Black Soldier Fly

A new article in All About Feed reports: “For the first time, the antioxidant effect of insect protein has been investigated in real-time conditions. It appears that black soldier fly protein could have a health-promoting effect when included in animal feed. In a new study researchers have investigated the health-promoting potential of the black soldier […]

Black Soldier Fly improves immune status in Poultry

According to a study published in December 2019, the supplementation of Black Soldier Fly larvae in poultry rations contribute to improving the immune status of the animals, therefore reducing the need for antibiotic growth promoters. The study conducted on groups of laying hens demonstrated the activity response and phagocytic capacity of peritoneal macrophages exposed to […]

Fly guys: Canada opens the door for insect-based feed companies

You may want to swat ‘em or zap ‘em around your house, but when it comes to fish feed, protein-packed black soldier flies are pretty useful, and a potential sustainability superstar. In May 2019, Oreka Solutions got the green light from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to sell its insect products as a protein ingredient […]

Announcement – Oreka Receives CFIA Approval

In May of 2019, we officially received Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approval for our Black Soldier Fly (BSF) product. You can find the official announcement in Feed Navigator online magazine. We have attached the link below. Canadian BSF producer gets CFIA approval for in-feed use Oreka Solutions earns a green light from the Canadian […]