Fly guys: Canada opens the door for insect-based feed companies

You may want to swat ‘em or zap ‘em around your house, but when it comes to fish feed, protein-packed black soldier flies are pretty useful, and a potential sustainability superstar.

In May 2019, Oreka Solutions got the green light from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to sell its insect products as a protein ingredient in feed for salmonids, trout, tilapia and poultry. It’s the first company to get such CFIA approval in Ontario, and the second in Canada.

“We made our mandate to harness the power of insects,” said Jon Duschinsky, CEO and co-founder. “Our initial focus for the first five years has been the black soldier fly. We quickly learned that this particular insect had a huge amount to contribute to humanity and the planet.”

Read the full article at Global Aquaculture Alliance’s website:

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