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Immaris – Shows promise as Immune Boosting Feed Additive

Cambridge, Ontario, November 24th, 2020 – Oreka Solutions and the University of Idaho announced today ground-breaking research showing that Oreka’s insect-based feed ingredient Immaris could help trout and salmon generate an enhanced immunostimulatory response during infections such as Cold Water Disease (CWD).

Cold Water Disease (CWD) is one of the major diseases affecting trout and salmon farming. According to the USDA, CWD can kill up to a third of infected hatchery stock and causes significant economic impact to the $13.7-billion salmonid aquaculture industry. There is no commercial vaccine for CWD and fish veterinarians have a limited repertoire of microbials to manage disease outbreaks.

Oreka Solutions, a Canadian feed additive company, has pioneered the development of anti-microbially optimized supplements derived from black soldier flies for use in animal feed. Its products help improve gut health, leading to improved growth and feed conversion rates.

In the short-term study, fish which were exposed to Flavobacterium psychrophilum and fed a diet containing Oreka’s Immaris product exhibited an increase in cytokines post-infection, suggesting an improved immune response which could provide overall health benefits. The research was led by Dr Vikas Kumar, at the Fish Nutrition and Nutrigenomics laboratory at the University of Idaho.

“These findings represent an exciting development”, said Dr Kumar. “Inflammatory response is a major cause of death in fish infected with Flaviobacterium psychrophilum, the cause of CWD. In the trials we saw that a small inclusion of Immaris in the diet of infected rainbow trout significantly increased the production of certain cytokines that could mean an enhanced immune response. In addition, we saw early indications of improvements in mortality reduction. Together these results are very promising and show that there are new tools that could help in the fight against CWD.”

James Alden, the CEO of Oreka Solutions added, “While we have validated the performance of Immaris on growth rates and feed conversion in a variety of species, this study is the first to help validate what we have suspected for a while – that it may also have real immunostimulatory properties. It has taken five years of dedicated R&D to develop our Immaris product and we thank the fabulous team at the University of Idaho, who have partnered with us to demonstrate the potential of our product in helping address different disease states .”

Oreka is currently expanding its production to serve larger sections of the North American aquaculture and livestock industries while developing partnerships with feed and animal health companies to bring the benefits of Immaris to as many farmers as possible.



Oreka Solutions
From its Cambridge, Ontario location, Oreka Solutions combines high-nutrient diets, specialized breeding, growing and processing techniques to deliver a series of feed ingredients, including its flagship product “Immaris” to improve animal growth rates, feed conversion and reduce mortality.
For more information, contact James Alden
Email: jamesa@nullorekasolutions.ca
Phone: +1 (647) 876-0689

Aquaculture Research Institute at the University of Idaho.
For more information, contact Dr. Vikas Kumar
Assistant Professor, Fish Nutrition and Nutrigenomics
Email: vikaskumar@nulluidaho.edu
Phone: +1 (208) 885-1088

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