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Immaris™ for Aquaculture

Immaris™ is our patented insect-based feed supplement designed specifically for Aquaculture. 

It is formulated for your hatchery with a unique process that maximizes the essential nutrients and healthy fats, and then uses proprietary technology to capture and blend them into a feed supplement.  

Immaris Plus™ is designed for the grow out phase and combines Immaris with naturally occurring bio-stimulants offering additional benefits for adult and brood fish.

Our aquaculture customers have observed greater than 10x ROI — $10 per $1 spent

Weight Gain +26%

Over 12 weeks

Feed Conversion +30%

FCR=1.2-1.8 observed

Mortality Reduced

in hatchery

There are two formulations of Immaris™ :



Our starter formula is designed for swim up fry to fingerling. It is produced in a variety of sizes from zero crumble to pellets.


Immaris Plus

Our stress formula is designed for grow-out. Produced in a variety of sizes, it is intended to supplement your feed regimen in your grow‑out facility.


Gallus™ is a high-value feed supplement that can help deliver improved gut health and disease resistance in poultry. Formulated for both layers and broilers, Gallus™ is offers a rich variety of micro and macro nutrients as well as antimicrobial peptides.