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Welcome to Oreka

It used to be said that the oceans were the last untapped frontier. There’s a new one: insects.

There are 200 million of them for every human on this planet, and until now, humans have spent most of their time and money trying to kill them.

Our purpose at Oreka is to harness them and learn from them.

We created Oreka back in 2014, with the vision of growing these bugs as a protein replacement for livestock. From our humble beginnings five years ago as an insect protein company, Oreka has become the industry leader in Harnessing the Power of Insects – in particular the Black Soldier Fly.

We realized this insect was not just a protein, but a superfood, and part of the evolutionary diets of livestock for millions of years. By growing and feeding it in a specific way, we learned how to cultivate our insects so they can help support the microbiomes of livestock and promote better gut health and immune systems (and be better at resisting disease).

Through our work in the lab, with our research partners, in our pilot plant, and in the field we got clear how to optimize the amazing antimicrobial properties of the insect.

And rather than seeing the frass products (bug pee and bug poo) as waste, we developed ways to turn them into organic soil amendments, that can help plants grow 15-20% faster.

The more we explored, the more we learned, the more knowledge we acquired, and the more new applications we were able to create.

Today, we look at every single one of the insects we grow as a unique glimpse into the workings of nature. Every day we are harnessing knowledge about them to provide humanity with more sustainable, and profitable agricultural systems.

The word “Oreka” means harmony in the Basque language. Over the last five years, we have learned that by harnessing insects we can not only create new protein sources but do so much more, truly impacting our ability to live sustainably in harmony with our planet.

In the last 18 months over half a billion USD has been invested in this nascent industry. Yet, we are only at the very beginning of the insect revolution.

I hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.



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