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“The black soldier fly is the superfood of superfoods.”
Jean Ko Din – Aquaculture North America


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Our CFIA-approved products can be used by large poultry farms as well as backyard farmers to improve animal health and performance. Our premium feed additive can help improve growth rates and support overall resiliency leading to better disease resistance.



Our Immaris™ feed supplements have been shown to help improve the performance of both early stage, juvenile and adult fish (including brood). With small inclusion rates, customers have seen improved feed conversion, faster growth and reduced mortality.


Pet Products

Oreka’s feed supplements are great for pets. They include high levels of important micro and macro nutrients as well as antimicrobials which make them ideal to help establish the gut health of younger animals (including puppies and kittens).


Zoos take care of a variety of species that can benefit from Oreka products. Today, we supply zoos with products for amphibians and exotic fish species to help support the health of these important creatures.


Product Results

Our products have been tested and trialed by a wide range of academic institutions and are used and recommended by aquaculture farmers in both Canada and the US. Added as a supplement to current feed regimen, we produce results.

Our products can help customers with animal health and profitability, sustainably. By including Oreka, our customers have seen improved feed conversion and growth rates, reduced antibiotic use and better animal vitality, leading to improved overall business performance. Let us show you how our product can help deliver a huge return on investment.

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Welcome to Oreka

Back in 2014 as early pioneers, Oreka was set up to farm Black Solider Flies with the intent of scaling to become a major player in the food ingredient space. Little did we realize, that this insect an incredible superfood, and part of the evolutionary diets

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Rainbow Trout

Immaris – Shows promise as Immune Boosting Feed Additive

Cambridge, Ontario, November 24th, 2020 – Oreka Solutions and the University of Idaho announced today ground-breaking research showing that Oreka’s insect-based feed ingredient Immaris could help trout and salmon generate an enhanced immunostimulatory response during infections such as Cold Water Disease (CWD). Cold Water Disease (CWD)

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The health-promoting potential of the Black Soldier Fly

A new article in All About Feed reports: “For the first time, the antioxidant effect of insect protein has been investigated in real-time conditions. It appears that black soldier fly protein could have a health-promoting effect when included in animal feed. In a new study researchers

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